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Exclusive Jlu Three-pack - Wonder Woman, Mongul, Batman

Exclusive Jlu Threepack


MPN: V7998
UPS: 746775004095

Exclusive Jlu Three-pack - a great product manufactured by Mattel is totally a great time to play with! 746775004095 is the UPC barcode aka the Universal Product Code for this toy. The toy dimensions are 12"H x 2"L x 7.5"W. If you prefer a great deal for this Wonder Woman toy, click on our store button.

Material: Plastic Birthdays could be tough, and often the day doesn â € TMt go as planned. Inspired by the classic Justice League Unlimited episode, â € œ For the Man Who Has Everything, â € this long-awaited 3-pack brings together Batman, Wonder Woman plus a fan-demanded oversized Mongul figure with yellow skin, all sculpted in distinctive Justice League Unlimited style. They put the wrong name on the cake, or your buddies arrive to find an alien plant attached to your body.


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