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Moebius Wonder Woman 1:10 Scale Model Kit

Wonder Woman 110 Scale Model Kit


Model: FEB101488
UPS: 895137001385
Package Quantity: 1

MOE479 is the model number for this item. One of the many key features for this toy is the originally released by aurora over four decades ago. Additional features include things like assembly and painting required and wonder woman battles a giant octopus. The Wonder Woman toy is 5" Height x 8" Length x 5" Width. It has a weight of 0.81 lbs. The warranty information supplied by the manufacturer is, no warranty. Where to buy the Wonder Woman 1:10 . To see the discount I uncovered, visit the market add to shopping cart button below.

1-12 Scale. Also features rock and water texture display base, sinister octopus receiving lasso emitted energy bolt shock therapy and detailed instructions. Reverse engineered and improved from the original kit. Kit includes Diana per 1960s mythos in star spangled and eagle engraved costume, heeled sandals and famed Lariat of Hestia. Completed figure is roughly 9"tall.


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